Jet Aviation is scheduled to open a second widebody-capable completions hangar at its Basel, Switzerland facility on 21 November.

The inauguration comes 10 years after the Swiss business aviation services company opened its 10,000m² (108,000ft²) Hangar 7 on the EuroAirport site – one of the few completion facilities in the world able to house an Airbus A380.

Jet Aviation widebody hangar

Jet Aviation

The new addition comes in at just under 9,000m², and will accommodate two widebody aircraft – up to the size of a Boeing 747, says Nicholas Marchais, Jet Aviation’s completions planning director in Basel. The facility also has 1,600m² of office and workshop space.

Marchais says a number of “green” aircraft completions projects are currently underway in Basel including an ACJ330, ACJ320, ACJ319, two BBJ 777s, a BBJ 787 and a BBJ 737 Max – Jet Aviation's first customer for the re-engined narrowbody.

In May, Jet Aviation announced that it had developed a VVIP solution for the ACJ380. Although the only A380 to be sold as a business jet ended up being returned to the market without being completed, the company is pressing ahead, with Sparfell & Partners, Winch Design, and DS Aviation, to gain a supplemental type certificate for an ACJ380 interior.

Source: Flight International