US operator JetSuite has launched an aircraft management programme, designed to bolster its product offering and expand the fleet of business jets available to its burgeoning ad hoc and members-only charter services.

The Irvine, California-based company operates 12 Embraer entry-level Phenom 100s and eight Cessna Citation CJ3 light business jets within its charter division, which includes its bespoke VIP membership programme, called SuiteKey.

JetSuite also operates a fleet of 30-seat Embraer ERJ-135LR regional jets on its scheduled service, known as JetSuiteX.



“Our Phenoms and CJs are in very high demand,” says company vice-president sales and marketing Cameron Gowans. “Introducing a management programme will give us access to additional aircraft, without the financial outlay of whole ownership.”

JetSuite is focusing on Embraer types only, with Phenom 100s, 300s, Legacy 600s and 650s its preferred models. “Our aim is to become an all-Embraer fleet-operator. We will eventually move the CJ3s out of our line-up,” says Gowans.

The first Legacy 650 is scheduled to arrive this month, and will enter service shortly after.

Gowans says the large-cabin aircraft will allow JetSuite customers to carry more passengers, and make transcontinental flights without having to refuel. “It also puts Hawaii and Europe within reach,” he adds.

The management programme is split into three tiers, each based on the amount of access that an owner has to their aircraft.



RedStripe is targeted at those looking for occasional, yet pre-planned use, giving JetSuite primary use of the asset for its charter services. In exchange, JetSuite will cover all operational and maintenance costs, including crew salaries, training, insurance, management fees and maintenance, it says.GreyStripe is aimed at owner-operators and small corporate flight departments who are looking to earn revenue from their aircraft when they are not in use. WhiteStripe is for owners wanting a full management service, while retaining control over their aircraft’s availability.

Source: Flight International