Europe’s economic rebound has helped French manufacturer Daher record the most aircraft deliveries in any first-half of a financial year since 2008, says senior vice-president Nicolas Chabbert on 25 July.

Daher delivered 25 TBM-series singled-engined tubroprops through 30 June, the company’s best record in almost a decade. Orders for 17 more aircraft remained in Daher’s backlog through 15 July.

As deliveries have grown, pricing has remained stable. Daher’s sales philosophy does not allow for discounts or even negotiations with clients, Chabbert says.

Deliveries are split evenly between TBM910 and TBM930 models. The former is equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and is preferred mostly by existing Daher pilots. The TBM930 comes with a Garmin G3000 system and is bought usually by new customers with experience in other aircraft types, Chabbert says.