Safran still has a committed customer for the Silvercrest engine after Dassault cancelled the version of the Falcon 5X powered by the 10,000lb-thrust turbofan.

Wichita, Kansas-based Textron Aviation still plans to use the Silvercrest to power the twin-engined Cessna Citation Hemisphere, but continues to monitor Safran’s progress.

"As we currently understand it, the latest Silvercrest status does not significantly impact engine deliveries for the Hemisphere programme," Textron Aviation tells FlightGlobal.

The schedule for the Hemisphere calls for a first flight in 2019.

"We will continue to stay closely aligned on their progress and how it may affect the Hemisphere’s development timeline," Textron Aviation says.


Textron Aviation

The super-midsize Hemisphere is set to become Textron Aviation’s largest jet when it enters service after 2020.

The Hemisphere was supposed to enter flight testing long after the Silvercrest entered service with the 5X. But the engine’s multiple development problems has caused Dassault to delay the 5X repeatedly.

Dassault announced earlier on 13 December that it will launch a new jet powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800s for entry into service in 2022. A version of that engine currently powers Gulfstream’s G500 and G600 jets.

The Silvercrest features a unique axial-centrifugal design in the high-pressure compressor. Although typical for engines sized below about 7,000lb-thrust, the 10,000-12,000lb-thrust range of the Silvercrest represents a new frontier for such a compressor configuration.

Source: Flight International