Good Week

Zodiac escape slide on US Airways A320 
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ZODIAC The French equipment supplier known for products ranging from escape slides (pictured) on Airbus A320s to cabin interior and galley fittings, turned in a healthy half-year to the end of February, with operating profit up 4.7% to €115.2 million ($151 million) and turn over up 12.5% to €1.1billion. Chief executive Olivier Zarrouati says"renewed trust" by its 26 banks would allow it to pursue an "external growth strategy" to boost profits by one-fifth for the full year.


Bad Week

JAL 747
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JAPAN AIRLINES With "current economic circumstances" being "not as good as expected", the carrier is scrounging for cash. Options include a ¥200 billion loan ($2 billion) from the Development Bank of Japan and equity finance from outside parties. JAL, which has so far refrained from tapping a government cash scheme, posted a ¥38.5 billion net loss for fiscal third quarter ending 31 December, and forecasts a full-year net loss of ¥34 billion.



Source: Flight International