Good Week

Air China
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CONCORD China and Taiwan have further liberalised air services, adding Guiyang, Harbin, Hefei, Jinan, Nanchang and Ningbo to the list of mainland cities permitted to have direct air connections to what Beijing continues to consider a renegade province. The number of passenger flights each week will increase to 270 from 108 and the number of cargo flights will rise to 28 a week. The first direct service since the 1940s flew in 2005 (right).



Bad Week

US Airways A320
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IFE US Airways, which lost $103 million in the first quarter, is putting "on hold" plans for in-flight entertainment on board its domestic fleet, citing difficulty in finding financing for installations. "It costs several hundred thousand dollars per aircraft to equip seatback entertainment. We're committed to the project, but until we can raise the financing to install, IFE is on hold," says the carrier, which has been testing a Lumexis system on a single Airbus A320.



Source: Flight International