Good Week

Tel Aviv 
 © Alex Segre/Rex Features
TEL AVIV BMI's upgrade to Airbus A330s for its service from London gives customers more cabin space and has the added benefit of putting the Israeli city on the map. The A320s it had been flying on the route were acquired two years ago along with BMed, a carrier that, specialising in services to Arab countries, had opted to configure the maps on in-flight entertainment systems to highlight sites such as Gaza and Mecca, but avoid referring to Israeli cities.



Bad Week

Joe Biden 
 © KPA Zuma/Rex Features
JOE BIDEN The US vice-president got a tongue-lashing from Air Transport Association of America president Jim May for telling Today Show viewers he would tell his family to avoid travelling in confined spaces to avoid swine flu, saying: "It's not just that you are in a confined aircraft, when one person sneezes it goes all the way through the aircraft." May reminded Biden that "no responsible officials or healthcare professionals have suggested that people avoid air travel".




Source: Flight International