Good week

Michael O'Leary
 © Ryanair
MICHAEL O'LEARY Ryanair's chief executive banked €19.5 million ($25.4 million) after selling 5 million shares in the carrier at €3.90 each. The sale, which cut his stake to 55,081,256 ordinary shares, or 3.71%, came a year after he sold another 5 million shares at €3.75. A week earlier, Ryanair had been trading at €3.83. One analyst was quoted as saying the sale signified nothing in particular - but that some past O'Leary disposals have been well-timed.



Bad week

Continental 767
 © Comyu (talk)
CONTINENTAL The US Federal Aviation Administration aims to levy a $230,000 fine against the carrier for operating a single Boeing 767 on 22 revenue flights after replacing the nose landing gear wheel and tyre assembly, but failing to install the required axle washer despite warnings in the maintenance manual that not installing the washer could lead to failure of the wheel bearing. FAA inspectors discovered the violation during a records check.



Source: Flight International