Good week

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ENGINEERS The UK government proposed the creation of an international "Nobel Prize" for engineering. Ian Godden, head of the UK's ADS aerospace trade group, welcomed the move as a way to attract young people to aspire to greatness as engineers and boost the UK's profile as a centre of excellence in engineering, which the government sees as ­including "every type of science applied to ­improving human life and sustaining the ­natural world".

Bad week

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MALEV The Hungarian flag carrier is searching for a new chief executive after the departure of Martin Gauss in a row over pay. Gauss, who took the helm in 2009 after stints at Germany-based Cirrus Airlines, Augsburg Airways and DBA, has resigned, but will play an "active part in the management" of the renationalised carrier until the end of May. Hungary's state holding company is sticking to monthly wage limits set for state-owned ­company employees.



Source: Flight International