Good Week

The US-based component manufacturer's Polish subsidiary ZKM Forging has managed to get a foot in the door of aerospace manufacturing, winning a contract worth over $1 million to make an airframe component for the Airbus A320. Ladish acquired the Polish company, which operates in around 12 segments of heavy industry, in 2005. Ladish says it has upgraded systems and improved manufacturing processes in its first year as owner of ZKM.


The UK-based supply chain management and logistics specialist should have been celebrating the opening of its £7 million ($13.8 million) new facility at Hilton near Derby last week. Instead it was clearing up after a fire destroyed it, and negotiating leases on four temporary sites to allow it to keep working. Despite the setback, the company says it expects to meet contract deadlines, and have its 120 employees reunited on an alternative site by the end of the second quarter.

Bad week

"There's no room for a low-cost airline in India because there is nothing low cost about operating in India."

Kingfisher Airlines chairman Dr Vijay Mallya on why he avoided launching a budget fares airline



Source: Flight International