Good week for...

Hampson Industries,
which has got the thumbs up from analysts. Investment bank Citigroup has started coverage of the UK-based manufacturer's stock, and is recommending the purchase of its shares. The bank's analysts are forecasting strong growth in earnings as well as margin improvements. Hampson's presence on the Eclipse 500 very light jet should add £21 million ($41.5 million) to its revenues if it keeps to the production schedule, Citigroup says.


The defence systems integrator and unmanned air vehicle manufacturer was struggling to reassure investors after a sharp drop in fourth-quarter profits. The company said losses on a contract with the Greek government and stock option costs hit its quarterly results, leaving its net profit at $84 million, compared with $154 million in the same period a year earlier. But SAIC reaffirmed its 2008 forecast, helping to maintain the value of its share price on the New York Stock Exchange.

Bad week for...

Quote of the week


"We're trying to make it easy for people to say yes."

Robert Bigelow on his company Bigelow Aerospace's plan to offer customers four weeks at a private space station for $14.9 million


Source: Flight International