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whose shares hit an all-time high last week on the New York Stock Exchange thanks to good news across its commercial and defence business. The manufacturer has received an unprecedented number of orders for the 787 even before the aircraft's first flight and in the defence sector has emerged as the favourite to supply 20 fighter aircraft to South Korea. Shares hit a high of $93.88 on Wednesday, closing $3.43 higher than the previous day.


Garuda Indonesia.
The carrier is once again embroiled in scandal, with Indonesian media reporting that its former chief executive Indra Setiawan has been arrested and questioned over the poisoning of human rights activist Munir Said Thalib on a Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam in 2004. Setiawan was chief executive at the time of the murder, for which an off-duty Garuda pilot travelling on the flight was convicted. The conviction was later overturned.


Bad week for...

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"If you wanted to give up smoking, if you paid someone in Africa to give up smoking for you and you continued smoking, would you consider it a victory?"

Jeff Gazzard, Green Skies alliance, on emissions trading


Source: Flight International