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which was expecting to see gross proceeds of as much as $73 million from an initial public offering on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The unmanned aircraft systems specialist was set to issue more than 4.5 million shares, expecting a price of between $14 and $16 per share. Proceeds before expenses would stand at around $68 million if the shares reached the mid-point of the range. Stockholders were offering more than 2 million shares as part of the IPO.


It has been forced to wait longer than anticipated to find out if it will face huge employee compensation bills. Ireland's Supreme Court will decide whether the disputes can be settled in Ireland's Labour Court by the end of January. Irish pilots' association IALPA says Ryanair could face bills of around €35 million ($46 million) from pilots' victimisation cases if the jurisdiction is granted. Ryanair dismisses the claims as "just more rubbish claims from the Aer Lingus union".

Bad week

"There are a lot of philanthropists out there and those philanthropists are going to learn the hard way."

south african airways chief executive khaya ngqula, on how the airline industry must emulate other more profitable industries, like oil



Source: Flight International