Visitors to Parker Aerospace's stand (Hall 4, B11) will see... themselves. On show for the first time at Farnborough is Parker's cabin video monitoring system, designed to increase safety for pilots and passengers in commercial and business aircraft.

Tiny fibre-optic cameras dotted around the cabin feed images back to a touch screen located in the cockpit. This allows the pilot to have a fly-on-the-wall view of the aircraft interior and to pick up any abnormal behaviour.

"Not only will the system help pilots prevent problems, it will also act as a deterrent," says director Cheryl Flohr.

The cameras can be fitted behind one-way glass or mirrors, and numbers can vary depending on the size and type of aircraft. From the cockpit, the pilot can choose between split or full-screen mode, switch from views of upper and lower decks and decide which camera views to look at.

Tackling safety from another angle, Parker Aerospace is helping avoid in-tank ignition with its range of fuel tank inerting systems.


The build-up of oxygen-containing vapour in fuel tanks can prove hazardous to aircraft in the event of lightning, static discharge, hostile fire and other sources of in-tank ignition. Inerting systems flush out that vapour by replacing it with gases such as nitrogen and halon.

Parker's range of systems includes the air separation pallet subassembly used on large commercial transport aircraft. This takes engine bleed air used for fuel-tank pressurisation through a permeable-membrane fibre bundle, which extracts the oxygen, reducing fuel tank flammability.

Source: Flight Daily News