German aircraft cabin outfitter Cabin Systems (C600A) is inviting all visitors to the show unwind at its stand at the end of each day.
Heinrich Grossbongardt, who is in charge of corporate communications, says that most industry representatives tend to talk about nuts and bolts but forget that the cabin business is really about people, emotions and feelings.
“It’s all about the heart,” he says. 

Nele Timm

He adds that cabins, especially in premium and business class, are becoming increasing sophisticated and demanding. To keep up with increasing demand, the company is making huge R&D investments. One result of this is a new Smart Trolley which informs cabincrew of meal status in the galley via a hand-held PDA.
Grossbongardt says the Hamburg-based Cabin System’s strength lies in its systems integration abilities.
“When an aircraft company has to deal with different suppliers they are faced with the problem of complex systems integration. Our aim is to eliminate this stress and provide a complete service.” 

Source: Flight Daily News