CAE has launched a new high-performance image generator for military simulators, with the Joint Strike Fighter training system as one of the target applications. The Medallion 6000 family is based entirely on commercial off-the-shelf graphics processors and can drive the latest high-resolution laser and liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) display projectors.

The Medallion 6000 series combines the Canadian company’s image-generation software with the latest generation of commodity graphics processors from commercial supplier ATI, including new Crossfire technology that allows two graphics chips per processor for the first time, says Phil Perey, director of synthetic environments.

CAE has introduced three members of the family. The Medallion 6200 has a single graphics chip per channel and is designed for entry-level visual systems, including those on flight-training devices and cockpit procedures trainers. The first application is a Lockheed Martin C-130 training device that CAE is delivering to New Zealand.

The Medallion 6200 is a mid-range system with two graphics chips per channel and an output resolution of 3 million pixels. The system is being delivered for three Panavia Tornado full mission simulators CAE is upgrading for Germany, as well as for NH Industries NH90 helicopter flight simulators being built for Germany under a private finance initiative.

The high-end Medallion 6400 has four chips and two processors per channel, with an output resolution of 8 million pixels – four times that of CAE’s current Medallion-S – and is designed to drive emerging LCOS projectors being developed commercially for the digital theatre industry.


Source: Flight International