CAE has signed an agreement with offshore oil and gas transport provider CHC Helicopter to take on the company's flight training operations, including four full-flight simulators located in Norway, the UK and Canada.

When complete, the deal will make CAE the "long-term partner" of CHC, providing training to its more than 2,000 helicopter pilots and maintenance engineers, the companies say. The training partnership also includes general training, pilot provisioning and in some cases, search and rescue training for CHC's global fleet.

CAE's global training network will include new training locations in Stavanger in Norway and in Aberdeen in the UK, as well as increased Canadian training capacity in Vancouver.

"Safety is CHC's number one priority and world-class training is the cornerstone of safe operations," says CHC president and chief executive William Amelio. "CAE is a global leader in training. Establishing a long-term partnership with CAE will enable us to focus on our core business of providing superior helicopter servicesThe ability to scale training to meet demand is the way of the future for the helicopter industry."

Source: Flight International