I am astonished at the impracticability of the Boeing 7E7 ("Global Gamble", Flight International, 16-23 June) and the thinking of Boeing engineers. Since the demise of the Boeing 727-300 project and since the 747 entered service, all that those engineers have been doing is to concentrate on twin-engined, wing-mounted jets.

The 717 is the brainchild of McDonnell Douglas, while its MD-11, with some minor refinements such as a 777-like undercarriage and new wing, could have been a great project for years to come. But the Seattle engineers do not appear to like the Long Beach philosophy. The 707 is still a great product and the 727-300 is still a viable option. Seattle needs to think outside the box of twin-engined jets.

Rafal Badri University Heights, Ohio, USA

Source: Flight International