Canadian authorities have issued a supplemental type certificate for the Bombardier Q400 package freighter being developed by engineering specialist Cascade Aerospace.

Swedish operator Nord-Flyg acquired two Q400s from SAS Group last year and the first converted freighter - designated the Q400PF - has been nearing completion at Abbotsford-based Cascade's facilities.

This first aircraft, designed to transport 9.5t of cargo, is to be registered SE-LSM. Completion had originally been expected in August.

Q400 freighter
 © Nord-Flyg

Nord-Flyg, which is based in Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm, has been intending to convert the second aircraft in Europe through a modification kit supplied by Cascade.

Transport Canada issued the supplemental type certificate for the freighter conversion on 31 December.

Cascade Aerospace says the freighter is based on a similar conversion undertaken to produce a multi-role aircraft, whose duties include fire control, for the French Government.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news