The Canadian Department of National Defence has awarded a $30 million contract to Boeing-owned Insitu to continue providing small unmanned aircraft vehicle (SUAV) services to the military.

The one-year deal, which includes two, one-year options, calls for Insitu to provide turnkey services with vehicles, training, maintenance and logistics support.

It was not immediately clear which aircraft Insitu would supply under the contract. Insitu makes the Scan Eagle and Integrator unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and already provides the Scan Eagle as a service to the US Navy, US Marine Corps and foreign militaries.

Canada previously selected the Scan Eagle in August 2008 on an interim basis to meet an urgent need.

“The government obtained the equipment it needed as quickly as possible to protect Canadian troops, while this new competitive process was undertaken to ensure best value for Canadian taxpayers and ensure continued capability with the new contract,” the government announced on 6 April.

The terms of the deal require Insitu to provide offsets worth 100% of the deal’s value.