The Canadian navy grounded its 28 Sikorsky CH-124A Sea King helicopters on 29 October after two machines lost power while hovering. Both helicopters were able to regain power and land safely. The unprecedented grounding of the 40-year-old Sea Kings comes as the Canadian government finalises a call for tenders for a $3 billion contract to replace the problem-plagued helicopters.

Boeing and Bell back the EH Industries EH101, Bombardier and General Dynamics Canada are teamed with Sikorsky on the S-92 and NH Industries is to decide between Augusta and Saab. The replacement Maritime Helicopter Program has been mired in controversy since the 1993 cancellation of a C$5.8 billion ($4.4 billion) order for 50 EH101s. The original order was deemed too expensive, sparking years of delay and political wrangling.

Source: Flight International