Canadian transport minister Jean Lapierre has made it clear the government has no intention of entering a bidding war with other potential sources of public funding for Bombardier, which is looking for support to develop its proposed CSeries family of 110- to 140-seat aircraft.

"You've always got to remember this is public money and that taxpayers want us to be responsible," says Lapierre. Several US states have already been approached by Bombardier to bid on the contract, putting pressure on Canada and Northern Ireland to help bankroll the $2.1 billion project (Flight International, 26 October-1 November).

The project includes provisions for $700 million in government financing, $700 million from suppliers and $700 million from Bombardier itself. The $700 million is on top of $1.5 billion in loan guarantees that Ottawa is offering Bombardier to support the sale of its regional jets to Air Canada.

Lapierre has ruled out the possibility of Ottawa taking an equity position in Bombardier as part of the financial package.

Source: Flight International