Canadian Aerospace Group, a unit of SL Ventures, has hired Florida-based Micro Systems to design and install a guidance and flight control system for its Monitor military jet trainer, modifying it for unmanned surveillance and strike missions.

Ontario-based Canadian Aerospace and Micro Systems plan to jointly develop unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), aerial targets and uninhabited combat air vehicles (UCAVs) for potential military markets worldwide.

The Monitor's all-composite airframe design is based on the Bede BD-10 single turbojet aircraft. Canadian Aerospace's other products include the Twin Panda 19-seat regional aircraft, with the Canadian firm serving as the North American completion centre for the Harbin Y-12 twin turboprop.

Canadian Aerospace also owns the rights to the Windeagle, which evolved from the single-piston Windecker Eagle, the first composite general aviation aircraft certificated in the USA. The company is working on the Timberwolf, a turboprop trainer variant of the Windeagle.

Source: Flight International