Canadian company Mechtronix Systems is claiming to be the first manufacturer to have a flight training device (FTD) approved under new European regulations.

An FTD operated by Atlantic Flight Training in the UK has been approved under the Joint Aviation Authorities' new Flight, Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT2) category. This allows the device to be used for 55h training towards a so-called "multicrew co-ordination" type rating, says Montreal-based Mechtronix.

The device operated by Atlantic represents the twin-turboprop Raytheon Beech King Air, but can be converted to mimic a piston twin and is used during ab initio pilot training. Mechtronix's Ascent line of FTDs is aimed mainly at flight schools and universities. The PC-based device and its 180¼ wrap-round visual system were developed and built in-house.

The company is now building a Boeing 737-400 FTD for the NLS training school in the Netherlands. This incorporates electronic flight instrument system and flight management system simulations supplied by US company Aerosim, and will be used for multicrew co-ordination training. The Canadian manufacturer is now seeking launch customers for a version of the 737 device meeting the new FNPT 2 standards.

Mechtronix has supplied Ascent FTDs to flight schools and universities in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

Source: Flight International