The Canadian aerospace industry reckons it will leapfrog two places up the world ladder by the turn of the century.

The Canadians claim their industry is growing faster than any other major aerospace sector in the world - ask the 31 Canadian aerospace firms which are making the case for Canada at this year's Paris show.

The companies are being supported at Le Bourget by the Government of Canada, the National Research Council and the Government of Quebec as they showcase their goods.

Federal Industry Minister John Manley says: "The aerospace industry is a vital sector of the Canadian economy. It is an important source of high-paying jobs, economic growth and export dollars.

"Participation in events like the Paris air show will help the industry achieve its goal of moving from sixth to fourth place in the world by the turn of the century."

International Trade Minister Sergio Marchi says: "Since 1990, Canada's cumulative aerospace trade surplus has climbed to more than $15billion. With every $1billion in exports sustaining more than 11,000 jobs, this sector is key to further job creation across Canada."

Source: Flight Daily News