A Canjet Airlines aircraft has been hijacked by an armed man at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

A total of 182 passengers and crew were onboard when the incident began at approximately 23:30 (02:30GMT), but all passengers have been "safely removed from the aircraft", says Canjet in a statement. CanJet Airlines flight 918 was being operated for Transat Tours Canada. The crew and the armed man remain on board, says the carrier.

"We are still working with officials there to gather information, but at this time we know CanJet flight 918 flying from Halifax, Nova Scotia, had made a scheduled landing at Montego Bay when an armed man boarded the aircraft," says Canjet.

"A full security operation is underway and CanJet is cooperating fully with the local authorities," it adds. "Our understanding is that no harm has come to anyone remaining on board and there has been no damage to the aircraft."

Unconfirmed reports says the hijacker checked in for the flight before forcing his way past security checkpoints brandishing a firearm. He is also said to have robbed some passengers and fired at least one shot.

Canjet operates a fleet of three Boeing 737-800s and a single 737-300, according to Flight's ACAS database.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news