The Euroradar consortium has formally delivered the CAPTOR radar software which provides Eurofighter with its 'swing-role' capability.

By providing both air-to-air and air-to-ground capability in the same software load, CAPTOR allows the Eurofighter pilots to 'swing' from one role to another during a mission, or for aircraft to be used for the different roles without being reconfigured on the ground.

The software has been extensively tested in BAE's BAC 1-11 trials aircraft, and will now be flight tested in DA4 and DA5.

Observers suggest that Eurofighter may be delayed in gaining full operational capability in the air defence role, due to doubts that the MIDS datalink (government furnished equipment) may be delivered late, and that the ASRAAM short range missile may also be delayed.

Gaining air-to-ground capability may therefore allow a re-scheduling of deliveries, perhaps replacing the RAF's Sepecat Jaguars earlier than was once planned, although some sources suggest that in this initial software release, Eurofighter¹s air-to-ground capabilities may be fairly modest.

Source: Flight Daily News