Cargolifter's experimental airship, dubbed "Joey", made its first flight on 20 October from the company's mailbase at Brand, near Berlin, Germany. The machine flew a few circuits of Brand airfield before tethering at its mooring mast. It has a mass of only 1t and with a length of 32m (105ft), it is one-eighth of the projected CL160 airship. The design of the CL160 prototype, which will have a 160t payload, has been frozen. Like Joey, it will be non-rigid with a carbonfibre keel, and will be pressurised and helium-filled. It will have digital control of its engines, aerodynamic control surfaces, manoeuvring fans and load exchange systems. Its ultimate purpose is to lift heavy or outsize loads from the point of production to delivery site. Work on the production site is also gathering pace (background).

Source: Flight International