You let your wife loose to design the stand and what happens? The entire place is painted pink and you fall two days behind schedule.

Thankfully though, Mahmood Zadjaly is an understanding husband and when the wraps finally came off the pink furniture he had to admit that his better half Aziza had pulled a masterstroke.

Mahmood, managing director of Dubai-based Catco, is here at the airshow (B750) to promote his company, which stocks and supplies Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.

Aziza is chairman of Catco Aerospace, and the brains behind the pink-look stand. "I wanted something completely different," she says.

"A lot of the stands are boring and some even look unapproachable. I wanted to create a soft, warm, inviting stand, using pale colours.

"Our stand is comfortable and it says welcome, not just to our customers, but anyone that wants to pop in and say hello."

Source: Flight Daily News