Cessna has reported record deliveries and orders for 1999. The company delivered 1,210 Citations, Caravans and single-engined piston aircraft last year, a rise of 12% over 1998, and received a firm order increase of 22%, to 1,394 units.

Cessna delivered 224 Citation business jets last year, up from 195 the year before, and took orders for 353 aircraft, bringing the year-end backlog to a record 650 units. The backlog, including Caravans and piston singles was 1,102 aircraft, worth more than $5.3 billion.

The company also delivered 87 single-turboprop Caravans, as well as 899 piston singles, up from 775 in 1998.

Orders for piston singles increased by 60% over the previous year, Cessna says, and production is scheduled to approach 1,000 aircraft this year.

Source: Flight International