Cessna has reached and agreement with Germany's Thielert Aircraft Engines (TAE) to collaborate on future programmes centred on the Thielert diesel engine.

Although both companies are remaining tight-lipped on specific developments, the first programme is likely to be a 135hp (100kW) Centurion 2.0-powered version of the 172 Skyhawk.The engine is already available as a retrofit on the piston single type, but the venture is the first time Cessna will offer a diesel version as standard.

John Doman, Cessna vice-president for worldwide propeller aircraft sales, says: "We think the Thielert engine may provide a very worthwhile power option for many of our customers since it runs on jet fuel and diesel. We have had discussions with TAE chief executive Frank Thielert and we think the time is right to move forward."

TAE's 260kW Centurion 4.0 diesel powerplant is offered for retrofit on the Cessna's 206 Stationair and the company is developing an engine to power Cessna's out-of-production 340 and 421 piston twins.

Source: Flight International