Cessna has handed over the 100th Citation Excel business jet, around two years after delivery of the first medium twin-engined aircraft.


The Citation Excel was launched in 1994, certificated in 1998 and delivered to the first customer that year. The light business jet is currently being produced at a rate of one aircraft every three days, representing, Cessna says, the fastest production line acceleration in the history of the Citation line.

The eight-seat Pratt & Whitney PW545-powered aircraft features trailing link landing gear, single point refuelling and cabin comfort based on the larger Citation X.

Meanwhile, Cessna has acquired Australia's Citistate Aviation, formerly its sales representative at Bankstown, Sydney's prime general aviation airport.

The manufacturer will re-name the wholly-owned operation Cessna Pacific, integrating sales and marketing and aircraft maintenance into a new unit servicing Cessna Citations in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, as well as the Cessna Caravan fleet in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Source: Flight International