In an attempt to boost sales of its propeller-driven aircraft, Cessna's sister company Cessna Finance is offering a new finance programme to owners who purchase its piston and turboprop-powered aircraft this year.

"We are finding many people are ready to buy a new aircraft but are unsure about where to finance the purchase, so CFC initiated this programme to ease their concerns with a smoother process and lower rates," says vice-president worldwide propeller aircraft sales John Doman.

"Since many of these aircraft are used for business, they may also qualify in the USA for accelerated depreciation, an option of the 2009 federal stimulus package," Doman says.

The CFC programme offers new rates for the entire Cessna line of propeller aircraft: the Cessna 172, 182 and 206 high-wing pistons, the Corvalis and Corvalis TT high-performance pistons, and the 208/208B Caravan/Grand Caravan turboprops.

 Cessna 172
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Source: Flight International