CESSNA HAS unveiled a package of avionics, systems and amenities for the basic Citation VII. The upgraded version will be called the Magnum Edition.

The concept follows the successful launch of the similar Citation Bravo and Citation Ultra aircraft, and is designed to help stimulate sales of the VII. Sales have reached only 40 since the aircraft was introduced during the depth of the recession in 1992.

Cessna says that the basic Citation VII will still be offered, but, according to marketing and product support vice-president, Gary Hay, "...the benefit of purchasing the Magnum Edition is reflected in the pricing, since the costs and requirements of production can be anticipated and the process streamlined".

Cessna has launched a "pro-parts power-advantage" plan for the Citation Bravo, Ultra and Citation V, which will allow customers to obtain complete engine parts and components coverage for their aircraft from a single Cessna source for a fixed hourly fee.

The "power-by-the-hour" concept follows similar schemes launched for the airframe and avionics, but it is believed to be the first time that any company other than an engine maker has included powe rplant coverage in this way.

As a sweetener to potential Citation Bravo buyers, Cessna has also announced that new customers ordering before the end of 1995 will get five years of expanded pro-parts coverage.

Source: Flight International