The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) is far more likely to mount a legal challenge against the recently agreed European Union regulation on passenger compensation and assistance than to give it a "cautious welcome" (Flight International, 21-27 October).Europe's regional airlines will be forced to refund entire intercontinental round-trip tickets when bad weather delays a flight from, say, Manchester to Inverness. The economic impacts are indescribable. This flawed regulation should not become law.

The European Commissioner for Transport claims that the law will provide fair and proper compensation for passengers. In fact, all Europe's air travellers will pay higher fares to over-compensate a very small minority of passengers who are inconvenienced.

The European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers have one last chance to reject the agreement. Political compromise should not take priority over understanding the consequences of a regulatory act. A vote against this appalling and complex proposal will be a vote for simple, rational and effective consumer protection law.

Mike Ambrose

Director General, European Regions Airline Association,

Chobham, Surrey, UK

Source: Flight International