Paul Derby

Sikorsky reports that the Chilean air force has taken delivery of its first S-70A Black Hawk helicopter, paving the way for a larger programme to replace its fleet of Bell UH-1 Hueys with Black Hawks.

Chile has plans to acquire an unspecified number of new S-70A-39 aircraft in the next few years, says the US manufacturer.

The order comes on the back of delivery of 15 Black Hawks to the government of Israel, built under a foreign military sale agreement between the US Army and the Israeli Air Force.

The Republic of China Air Force has also accepted four S-70C-6 Super Blue Hawks search and rescue craft equipped with advanced avionics and enhanced mission equipment for all-weather and SAR capability.

Sikorsky is waiting for a response from both Australia and the Republic of Korea to its offer of an armed version of the Black Hawk.

Source: Flight Daily News