Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) General Aircraft plans to build a small business jet aircraft as well as small piston engine aircraft.
AVIC General Aircraft president Tan Weidong says manufacture of the four to six seat piston aircraft could start as early as next year.
But development of the small business jet aircraft will take longer and that its move into this market segment is likely to be through acquisition of a company that already manufactures business jets, he says.
AVIC General Aircraft has in recent years looked at acquiring western business jet companies such as Grob Aerospace.
In a separate development, Tan also says AVIC General Aircraft plans to reorganise and possibly merge some of its Chinese companies.
But he declines to elaborate because some are publicly-listed.
AVIC General Aircraft is also planning to move its headquarters from Beijing to Zhuhai in southern China and is now building an aircraft assembly plant there.
It has publicly-announced plans to develop large amphibious aircraft that can be used for fire-fighting missions in China and overseas.
Tan says it will be a 60t aircraft with four engines and that it will be assembled in Zhuhai.

Source: Flight International