More companies are setting up consultancies in Asia to provide comprehensive help for potential new owners of business aircraft.

Jason Liao, a former salesman for Bombardier and Hawker Beechcraft in China, set up the Beijing-based China Business Aviation Group in 2011 to provide "turnkey purchasing, management and support" services for buyers.

"We only wanted to take care of the acquisition, but our customers have been asking us to get more involved as they do not know where they can turn to," says Liao. "We have been providing comprehensive services - legal, financing, completions, and so on."

Asian Sky, which is backed by Seacor Capital (which owns a third of Hawker Pacific) and Avion Pacific, has also begun operations. Its managing director, Jay Shaw, formed business aviation companies in Hong Kong, while general manager Jeff Lowe was the Gulfstream sales representative in China.

The company's focus will not be only on China, but the Asia-Pacific region. It will support the purchase and sale of aircraft, and offer management, training, maintenance and other related services.

Source: Flight International