Moldova's primary airport, Chisinau International, is being taken over by a member of the Rothschild banking family through a Channel Islands property investment vehicle.

The vehicle, NR Investments, has agreed to acquire a 95% shareholding in the Chisinau airport concession from current operator Avia Invest.

Avia Invest has been running the airport since late 2013 and the base has undergone modernisation with a new terminal and runway.

NR Investments is associated with Nathaniel Rothschild and has previously invested in a diverse range of companies in Central Europe.

Chisinau's operator states that the "rapid pace" of modernisation of the airport and the quality of management have "greatly impressed" Rothschild.

Sixteen carriers operate at Chisinau serving 38 destinations including London, Paris and Moscow. The airport handled 2.8 million passengers last year and is forecast to exceed 3 million this year.