A Boeing 737-400 operated by Turkish charter carrier Sky Airlines on a flight to Poland landed at a military airfield in error on 16 August. The aircraft, carrying tourists from Antalya to Poznan, was due to arrive at the city's Lawica International airport at 19:50, but instead landed at Krzesiny airbase, 13.7km (7.4nm) from Lawica.

"Air traffic control gave the wrong radar vector to our aircraft," says Sky Airlines chief executive Talha Gorgulu. "The tower realised what was happening when they did not see the aircraft on final approach to Lawica. The 737 landed safety at Krzesiny."

Polish airports operator Port Lotniczy says the incident was due to crew error. "During the landing procedure, air traffic control informed the pilot she was making a mistake and she should change the course of the flight. The pilot was told this twice by air traffic control and ignored it," the company says.

Source: Flight International