General aviation aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Design has launched a joint programme with the US Federal Aviation Administration to familiarise 250 agency inspectors with the next generation of light aircraft.

Cirrus says advanced airframe and avionics technologies will one day be the norm throughout the general aviation fleet and the FAA recognises the need to be proactive in its educational approach to understanding the technologies.

Duluth, Minnesota-based Cirrus manufactures the SR20, SR22 and SRV family of piston singles.

Two familiarisation programmes are offered, to be run concurrently. Flight operations inspectors will receive ground and flight familiarisation in the SR22 as their primary means of gaining a more in-depth understanding of the flight characteristics and avionics of a modern aircraft.

Airworthiness inspectors will participate in seminars that focus on composite structure and repair, advanced avionics and integration and the ballistic recovery system.

Source: Flight International