By Graham Warwick in Washington DC

Manufacturer improves speed and performance and introduces ownership initiatives

Cirrus Design has introduced the Cirrus Turbo, a version of the SR22 four-seat piston single with an engine turbonormalising system and new Hartzell three-blade composite propeller, which increase speed, reduce cruise fuel consumption and improve performance at higher altitude.

The Tornado Alley Turbo twin-turbonormalised, dual-intercooled system will be available for installation through a supplemental type certificate, says Cirrus. The Turbo is also the first application of Hartzell's lighter, more durable and higher-performance ASC-II second-generation composite propeller. This features a monocoque blade structure in which the carbon/Kevlar laminate is integrated into a co-moulded stainless steel shank.

In addition to a 15-aircraft SR22 sale to Norfolk, Virgina-based shared-ownership provider iAviate, Cirrus has also launched ownership initiatives, including Cirrus Access, which provides a professional pilot to fly the aircraft and provide flying lessons to a non-pilot or unrated owner, and Cirrus Certified, which offers factory refurbished and warrantied pre-owned aircraft.

■ Diamond Aircraft has introduced an improved version of its DA40 four-seat piston single, the XL, with higher gross weight, new MT propeller and Garmin GFC700 digital autopilot.

Source: Flight International