Cirrus Design is increasing its marketing effort for the SR-series of light aircraft as sales of the piston singles reach record levels, writes Kate Sarsfield. Cirrus unveiled the third-generation (G3) SR22 in April in China, Europe and the USA and is poised to receive European approval for the aircraft within days (Flight International, 24-30 April).

"We are expanding aggressively throughout our international markets," says Cirrus executive vice-president John Bingham. "In 2002 international sales accounted for just over 4% of our orders and last year this share climbed to around 30% of the 760 orders received, most of which are for the SR22-G3."

Bingham says the general aviation industry is growing rapidly: "Last year we established a sales office in Shanghai and have already made a number of sales there. We plan to open sales offices in each of the key markets in the coming months."

Source: Flight International