Israel'sAeronautics Defense Systems is in the process of integrating a maritime version of its Dominator XP unmanned aircraft for a client.

Aeronautics has previously supplied one Dominator XP to Mexico, where it is in service with the nation's law enforcement bodies. The company also has been offering the adapted Diamond Aircraft DA42 for maritime patrol missions, and deputy chief executive Dany Eshchar confirms that a first system is being prepared for an unidentified customer.

Eshchar says there is a growing demand for long-endurance platforms for the protection of exclusive economic zones at sea and to assist in protecting maritime natural gas pumping installations. "The XP will carry an electro-optical payload and a radar, with the exact type according to the customer's requirements," he notes.

Aeronautics believes that by using a certificated manned aircraft adapted for unmanned operations it can provide a very reliable and cost-effective unmanned air system capability.

The twin-engined Dominator XP has a maximum take-off weight of 1,900kg (4,190lb), an endurance of over 20h at altitudes up to 27,000ft, and a top speed of 160kt (296km/h).