Advanced Programs Group (APG) has unveiled two new designs of extremely short take-off and landing unmanned air vehicles that it is developing for military and civil customers.

The first version, dubbed Renegade, will be capable of automatic take-off and landings and will not need any external launch equipment such as a catapult, says APG chief executive Yair Dubester.

It has a wingspan of 4.4m (14.4ft), and can take off from a 3.5m surface and land within 7m. It will have a ceiling of 10,000ft, a maximum take-off weight of 35kg (77lb) and will have a low acoustic signature.

Dubester says that Renegade will be operational in mid-2018.

Renegade UAV - APG

Advanced Programs Group

The second version under development is the Rhino, which has a maximum take-off weight of 700kg, a wingspan of 10m and a maximum ceiling of 15,000ft.

Rhino will use propulsive lift technology that will allow it to take off from a very small platform on navy vessels.

Rhino UAV - APG

Advanced Programs Group

Both new aircraft will be powered by electric motors.

The short take-off concept has been evaluated for commercial aircraft in the past, but in recent years it has evolved into the unmanned arena.