BlueBird has unveiled a new version of its SpyLite mini unmanned air vehicle, which the company says can perform covert surveillance missions in GPS-denied and jamming conditions.

Ronen Nadir, chief executive of BlueBird, says the new version of the SpyLite has enhanced navigation and communication capabilities for mission continuity in contested environments, using a fully redundant control & telemetry link.

SpyLite is a mini UAV weighing 9kg (19.8lb) with a wingspan of 2.7m (8.9ft). It has low acoustic and visual signatures even when cruising at 2,000ft, the company says.

It is a man-portable configuration, with a ground launcher and automatic field recovery utilising a parachute and airbag, and can be deployed and operated in most terrains – eliminating the need for costly infrastructure such as runways.

The SpyLite has an 80km range and an endurance of 4h, and can be used for persistent surveillance, routine monitoring, pre-mission intelligence collection, and battle damage assessment.

SpyLite - BlueBird


Israeli UAV manufacturers in general are working to enable their systems in GPS-denied areas, and the new version of the SpyLite is the first to be unveiled that has these capabilities.