The Brazilian government’s plan to release a tender in early 2017 for the potential acquisition of the Caçador unmanned air vehicle may be delayed by the current uncertainties in the economic outlook for the country.

Caçador is the Brazilian version of the Israel Aerospace Industries Heron 1 UAV, which IAI is developing with local affiliate Avionics Services, and in September it was announced that the team had finalised its bid for the Brazilian air force tender.

At that time, the official tender was expected to be released in early 2017, but the ongoing weakness in the Brazilian economy may mean cause it to be put back.

Heron 1 - Rex Features


The Heron 1 UAV is currently operated by the Brazilian police force, with Avionics Services responsible for their maintenance.

Heron 1 is fully certificated by Brazilian government authorities, and the two companies have announced that if the Caçador is selected, it will be manufactured locally.