Elta has introduced a new aerostat-specific payload in response to the growing demand for advanced persistent sensors to monitor sensitive areas.

RT Systems, an Israeli aerostat manufacturer, recently equipped its Skystar 330 with an advanced payload of an optical sensor and radar.

According to the company, the new ELI-3332 payload has been supplied by Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary Elta, and is an intelligence sensor system designed to overcome obstacles of line of sight while performing continuous ground surveillance.

The system detects, identifies and tracks targets in areas of interest and creates a real-time situational awareness picture. Due to the system's small size and weight, it can be rapidly transported and deployed, the company says.

The ELI-3332 payload features an electro-optical day/night surveillance sensor, as well as a phased array pulse Doppler ground surveillance radar. It has a detection range of 8nm (15km) for a vehicle and 4.9nm for a person, and can operate for 72h, continuously controlled by a single operator.

Skystar 300 aerostat - RT Systems

RT Systems

The Skystar 330 in which the new payload is installed is the newest system in RT's aerostat family, and is equipped with an upgraded navigation system, as well as advanced controllers, allowing better control and management of missions and targets.

Designed for various operational uses, the SkyStar 330 provides good performance in extreme weather conditions, the manufacturer says.

Source: FlightGlobal.com