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A new jamming system from Elbit Systems has been unveiled that will be able to direct threats, such as surface-to-air missiles, away from unmanned air vehicles.

Elbit’s self-protection and jamming system, Light Spear, helps meet the growing demand from UAV operators attempting to collect intelligence in anti-access area denial environments.

The system thwarts an airborne threat and then assigns another aircraft, such as a fighter, to destroy the target, Shlomo Livne, Elbit’s vice-president of airborne electronic warfare business line, tells FlightGlobal. “It protects the UAV against any kind of threats and everything is done automatically,” he says.

Light Spear is based on Elbit’s Elisra, an electronic warfare defence system the company has fielded on a range of fighters, helicopters and UAVs in the Israeli air force and for other global customers. The new compact system’s small size, weight and power is designed with a UAV operation in mind, but its modularity allows the operator to field the technology on several platforms.

“It’s like Lego,” Livne said. “Everything is in one box.”