UMS Skeldar is at Farnborough to announce the formal launch of its V-200B unmanned air vehicle, and says it is seeking to widen its customer base for the rotary type beyond the military.

The V-200B is the second iteration of the vertical take-off and landing UAV, boasting enhanced features including extended endurance, engine management system and payload capabilities.

The revamp has resulted in a longer endurance of over 5h, and an increased payload capacity through weight savings from design modifications, says David Willems, head of business development at the Saab-UMS Aero group joint venture.

"Our two-stroke engine configuration provides significantly unmatched time between overhauls, all of which are vital to maritime operations by military and civilian customers," he adds.

The V-200B completed its trials earlier this year following an intensive modification audit, and UMS has already secured an order for the UAV with delivery scheduled for next year.

Introduced in 2008, The V-200 has typically been deployed by navies because of its ability to take off and land on ships and withstand the harsh elements, Willems notes.

"This will always be the major market for the platform, but there are other sectors that the UAV would suit, such as offshore surveillance, search and rescue and cargo transportation, given its ability to carry 50kg (110lb) of payload,” he adds.

Source: Flight Daily News